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Presenting with Power - the benefits of multimedia technology  
excerpt advertising supplement to Canadian Business Magazine Nov 2000


Building Better Visuals

Presentation Skills Specialist Trish Green cringes when she hears presenters bragging about how they've thrown together their multimedia presentations on the plane or in the back seat of a taxi on the way to a presentation. "That's a recipe for disaster," she says. "The most common blunder in creating visual materials is to underestimate the amount of time and resources required to create visuals."

Green is the developer and trainer for a program
Build Better Visuals, which is now offered to Canadian Professional Sales Association members (CPSA) as part of its professional development series.

"I developed the program two to three years ago in response to a need I saw in the industry," says Green. She noticed that while presenters could use PowerPoint software to put together a presentation, they didn't understand visual design concepts.

"Visuals were traditionally relegated to the covers of annual reports, the screen behind the presenter or charts and graphs. But the digital age has changed all that. New technologies and tools give the potential for anyone from the sales person to the CEO to be a visual communicator."

Creating good visuals, says Green, requires an ability to transform a paragraph into a metaphorical image or a flow chart or a bar chart. "You can stand and talk all you want," she points out, "but it's the creation of an image in someone's mind that they will take away and remember and that will remind them of what you said."

Green's half-day course provides guidelines for effective multimedia design. 'Visual thinking' - moving words to pictures - using light to create movement on visuals and the psychology of color are examined in detail.



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