Trish Green has devoted her professional life to helping others succeed. She believes everyone has an expertise, but may not have the expertise to communicate it.

As a presentation skills specialist, she works with organizations and individuals to position them for success - with their customers, prospects, investors and employees. By helping clients to develop and present their business messages, they get results.

In 1996, with 20 years' experience in business communications, customer relations and human resource training, she launched a consulting practice with a single focus - presentation skills.  Motivated by the revolution in presentation technology, she developed innovative training programs to meet the needs of presenters who faced visually sophisticated audiences. Visual thinking, the art of moving words to images is the basis of her work.

Trish brings a rich resource to her clients. She knows the presentation industry from both sides of the podium. As a public speaker her experience includes extensive public speaking tours across Ontario for the Canada 125 project. As a professional trainer of presentation skills for the brokerage firm, Richardson Greenshields and a volunteer trainer for Toastmasters International, she knows the challenges presenters face, from the novice to the expert.

Highly focused, with a special talent for making complex subjects understandable, she designs and delivers successful training programs and 1-on-1 coaching. A polished public speaker, columnist & publisher, t'greetings, an electronic newsletter for business presenters.


Advertising, Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Financial Services, 
 Insurance, Healthcare & Education, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, 
 Technology & Telecommunications professionals  

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