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Adding visual elements to presentations is easy - so easy we often end up with too much stimuli for viewers.  

Build Better Visuals™ — way beyond ppt basics is designed by Trish Green for today's presenter who needs a reliable resource to understand the proper combination of visual design & presentation techniques in order to create effective visuals 

who benefits?
companies with products/services who want to be 
  perceived as more credible, & more professional 
- presenters & those who create presentation materials 

psychology of color l using backgrounds & graphics l  
visual thinking l text elements & fonts l creating movement

receive techniques to
- save $$$ - avoid costly mistakes & redo's
- save time - be more productive - learn time-savers
- avoid guesswork - reduce frustration 
- be more creative, make mediocre visuals good & 
  good visuals GREAT

note - course intended for those already familiar with the basics of Powerpoint 97/2003 & want to learn more advanced features

coaching - participants deliver a prepared, industry-related presentation during the workshop & receive 1-on-1 coaching

practice video
- optional

$$$  pricing & availability individually quoted
       customized programs on request

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