avoid meaningless words
poor grammar can affect a speaker’s credibility  

some say this isn't really a word - however, it can be found in Webster's - the word means regardless  use: regardless

an overused word today - refers to looking forward and avoiding future problems 
use: active or reactive

apable of 
a weak phrase 
use: can or able to 

emains to be seen
avoid clichés when presenting 
do not use

n terms of 
we hear it said all the time, but it has no meaning  
do not use

t some point in time 
what other point is there, than a point in time?  

use: at some time

as to whether 
keep it simple  
use: whether

as regards 
use: regarding

time wise & otherwise 
unclear meaning 
use: regarding or as to 

equally as 
poor grammar
use: equally important or just important

source: American Speaker

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