market your speech/presentation 

A speech can be one of the most effective ways to increase your business. Organizations always look for speakers — people who have an expertise & know how to communicate it. 

To maximize the opportunity — do more than just show up

send out a press release
Get free publicity by sending all the details about your presentation to local newspapers. Include key points that will attract the reader’s attention.

produce a flyer
Include your picture and distribute it to your network.
Publicize the speech on your website, in a newsletter or any mailings. 
Send publicity to your prospects inviting them to attend your presentation.

arrive early - greet the audience yourself
Meeting audience members before the presentation helps you build rapport.

always distribute a handout & your business card
Make handouts of value — something that will be retained. Include marketing materials. Consider including tips or secrets you share in your presentation.  Make sure all your contact information is on EVERYTHING.

use evaluation forms
Give an evaluation form to each participant. Be sure to request names & contact info.

ask for referrals
Have a place on the evaluation form where participants can list other groups, and the contact person, who might need speakers. Groups are always looking for speakers and when someone has heard you it's a great referral well, it should be.

offer a door prize
As an incentive for handing in the evaluation, offer a door prize. It can be as simple as a free 1-hr  consultation of your services. Bring a book or tape that would interest the group. When you have collected all of the evaluations you can select a prize winner.

stay awhile
After your presentation stay to mingle with the audience. This is your opportunity to add value, get feedback and build relationships.

Since you may not be paid for the presentation, ask for another form of compensation. A free ad in the group’s newsletter or a complimentary membership might be a fair exchange.

thank you
Promptly send a thank you note to the person who invited you. Consider including copies of the evaluations.

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