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1-on-1 coaching


great expectations
it's not uncommon to expect working with a coach will magically help you get everything you want - and more - with the greatest of speed

no magic - by helping you focus on the most important goals first, it may feel as though you have to discard the others - you don't

custom programs - eventually you can have it all by building on your existing presentation skills & motivation to improve

coaching makes a lot of $ense

  • you have expertise at your fingertips
    in person, by phone or email

  • you choose the program
    from fully integrated services in message development, visual design & presentation delivery

  • you choose the time 
    minimal disruption to your routine
    24/7 availability
    unused hrs transferable

  • we set goals together
    plain & simple contract spells out exactly where we're headed

  • you' re protected
    confidentiality agreement assures your information is kept that way

  • you have a trusted partner & resource who
    knows your needs & issues
    keeps you informed & up to date

$$$ individually quoted             


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