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trainingProgram1  delivery skills

deliver like a pro

athletes, dancers, actors know professional training makes a difference & practice makes perfect

who benefits?
- professionals, executives, entrepreneurs  
  who make business presentations, internally & externally
- communications, graphics & A/V staff

voice skills l managing nerves l body language, gestures & 
eye contact l staging l using A/V tools effectively l  managing questions & answers l team presentations l 

learn techniques to
- overcome anxiety speaking to any group
- sharpen your professional image
- make every word count
- get your ideas accepted & implemented
- understand appropriate humor
- handle Q&A sessions 
- deal with negative / hostile audiences
- handle disasters 

coaching - participants deliver a prepared, industry-related presentation during the workshop & receive 1-on-1 coaching

practice video
- optional

$$$  pricing & availability individually quoted
       customized programs on request

visual design   messaging

make your point

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